The Zest B-log

During January we have visited BKA’s at Tiverton,Southampton,Fareham ,and South Chilterns .The talk given by Bill Summers and Dave Durrant presents the features , and benefits of the Zest Hive.

The Zest Hive is an ongoing mission in pursuit of Healthy , Happy bees.

There is much to understand regarding the climatic conditions that exist within the Hive. The relationship between Temperature , Humidity , Ventilation , Evaporation , and Condensation.

Within the UK we live in a temperate maritime climate , and whilst  extremes of temperature are not generally experienced , the level of moisture in the air is an important factor in the life and work of our bees.

The work of Ed Clark , and his book written in 1918 Constructive Beekeeping , was written in order to help increase Honey production , however it has much to offer in todays environment .